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What I got for free at Sears!

Check out what I got for FREE at Sears!!!  A 5-in-1 orange thing!!

Here’s a pic of the orange thing next to a quarter so you know the size of it:

This orange thing is actually very strong.  Here it is after I threw it off my 5th-floor balcony:

It’s microwave-safe:


And it’s also water-proof!!

And it only weighs 5.69 grams!!!  HOOOOOLY COW!!!

Here’s how to use it:

1) A toy for your fiddler crab:

2) Protect the knob on your fan that controls if the fan rotates or not:

3) Toe separator:

4) Prevent your sliding door from closing completely:

5) Toilet-paper dispenser for rats:

Cool eh?