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So what do you say to that, Zack?

According to Zack I’m a cheap-skate because I did not opt to purchase caller ID because I did not think it was worth $6 a month.  Below is proof that I am NOT a cheap-skate:

I bought an adhesive lint remover to clean my couch.  Who needs a lint remover to clean a couch except for the people who have money to waste?


I bought a wallet, which was so high-end that it came in a metal container, which by the way came with two lids rather than one.

I bought a fan for $20, which I will likely return because it’s stupid and not up to my standards.

I bought a 1L box of wine.  It’s 250 ml bigger than a regular bottle of wine AND I don’t even know how much it cost me!

I can even afford to accidentally knock over my box of wine, and risk my health be drinking it.

I have frogs at the bottom of my cup.

I almost bought a new watch to replace my old watch.

I bought a belt because my old belt broke so my pants were falling down.  I actually pay to not be cool.

I got my phone protective case replaced, which I can replace infinitely many times within a year because I shelled out $15.

I threw a dime off my balcony.

I teetered on the brink of excessive internet usage.


I have upgraded my laundry schedule to twice per month rather than once per month.

I have a bottle of “Tom’s Super Black Bean Sauce.”  Who has a bottle of “Tom’s Super Black Bean Sauce?”

My balcony’s so big that I can’t even measure it with my tape measure.

My phone has a camera so I can take pictures of my other camera.

I have a miniaturized sushi display.

I can afford to take stupid pictures like this:

I have robotic servants.

I power my electric toothbrush with 2500 mAh nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.

I have an orange thing.

So what do you say to that, Zack?