The Vampire Dairies: The Vampire Crisis at Neuroscience 2011: Day 1

So I’m at Neuroscience 2011 in Washington DC, it’s November 12th, latitude is 38.88759, longitude is -77.02031.

I presented my poster today, and I (possibly illegally?) changed my title and abstract.  It’s “Modulation of ghrelin O-acyltransferase by food deprivation and food restriction and central knock-down by vivo-morpholino.” We got this drug made for us by some dudes in Oregon, that no one has used before, and found a cool way to allow rats to eat lots of fat but gain much less weight than rats not on the drug. But the important thing is not what I presented at my poster, but what I observed in Washington, specifically at Neuroscience 2011 at the Watler E Washington Convention Center. This follows up greatly on some posts I put up on Facebook recently where I did a very short analysis of the vampire crisis in Romania. What I have first is evidence of the presence of vampires at Neuroscience 2011.  First, is the fridge:

A story behind the fridge.  The first picture is a fridge. What you see second is the ice/water dispenser.  What happened in the third picture is spontaneous ejaculation of a cube of ice from the fridge, likely the work of a vampire.  Below you can see my friend Sam and her amazement and fear at this event, as you can see, she is very amazed and feared.

Now, before you go and say I’m not an expert at vampires and not qualified to write the Vampire Dairies, I must say that I have had experience with vampires and I have conducted significant research in the field.  A brief history. Upon perusing Wikipedia I noticed a sharp decline in the population of Romania:

This is likely synchronized with the rise of the vampire population in the early 90’s. I further noticed that the mysterious 2% other minorities in Romania are likely a population of vampires:

This population is probably located in the city of Sibiu, Romania:

And as you can see, the arrival of vampires likely began in 1918 between the arrival of the electric-powered trolley and the first zoo in Romania:

Not only that, I am friends with a Romanian vampire:

So now that I have proved my vampire expertise it’s now time to go hunt down the vampires at Neuroscience 2011. Come back soon, and I’ll see you tomorrow.