The Vampire Dairies: The Vampire Crisis at Neuroscience 2011: Day 4

Not much happened on day 4 here in Washington, so this is going to be a fairly short post. I slept in again, this time until 4:30 pm, meaning I couldn’t fit much hunting into my schedule. In addition to this, I was not able to get an alternate banana, so I was pretty much going out naked. Fortunately I did not bump into any vampires, it’s likely I would have died if I did. Anyway, I decided to take a little holiday from my grueling job, starting with a walk through the local market. Here you can see Sam, she’s holding something that’s probably related to vampire hunting but I’m not sure what it is. Whatever it is, she probably stole it.

My primary task of the day was to work my way to a restaurant in the downtown area while still recovering from the night before. Seeing as my navigational skills aren’t good and gravity didn’t seem to be working properly I was pretty worried of getting lost in Vampire Town. Fortunately this didn’t happen. While we met up at the Hard Rock Cafe we quickly found out that they require passports as ID for drinks. This wasn’t a problem for me because I carry my passport everywhere, but no one else had their passport on them so we walked down the street to another place called Harry’s Bar. Here you can see Zack with his vampire stake and hot sauce. I sure hope there’s garlic in there because hot sauce without garlic is useless against a vampire.

It seems very likely that the restaurant was run by vampires, since they flooded our free popcorn with salt to increase our blood pressure and kill us by causing heart-attacks. Fortunately we weren’t that dumb and left most of the salt behind.

So that’s it for today. As you likely noticed there wasn’t much to report, simply because the vampires made me sleep so long.

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be able to interview someone who I suspect is a vampire, and I’ll post the video here.  For now, may the anti-vampireness be with you.


The Vampire Hunter