Behind the Scenes at Cryofrog Scientific Dec29


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Behind the Scenes at Cryofrog Scientific

I have a cool post coming soon, about an odd bag of milk I bought at Shoppers’ Drugmart. But that post has to wait because I’m waiting for a reply from Neilson. As some of you know, I recently got my master business license for a company called Cryofrog Scientific. And as my friend Andrew F. may know, running a company is no small feat. It’s tough work, it’s late nights, and it’s lots of booze. I’ve spent hours trying to get my damn mail server to work, I’ve spent days trying to get things perfect, but that’s part of life. Here you’ll see the work behind the man, you’ll see what goes on at Cryofrog. First off, you’ll see how hard we work over here:

Cryofrogs, as you may know, are cold blooded. They need some form of heat to keep warm. Below, you can see 3 levels of thermoregulation important to keep a Cryofrog warm:

Let me give you some background. A Cryofrog is a specific type of a golden poison dart frog. They are called P. terribilis because of their terrible poison. According to Wikipedia: “This poison dart frog is confirmed to have killed humans who touched the wild frog directly.” They live in the rainforests of the pacific coast of Columbia. So you may be wondering, why would a frog living in a tropical environment know how to cryopreserve? You’d think cryoperservation in the rain forest would not be useful. The answer is simple. In the future, many centuries from now, we encounter another ice age, where not only the north, in Canada, becomes terribly inhabitable, as it is today, but the south, in Columbia, encounters what we see up here in the north: Terrible, horrendous, unlivable cold. And the Cryofrogs evolved due to this to cryoperserve, when times are cold. And they traveled back in time, to today, and it’s the Cryofrogs who started Cryofrog Scientific.

But upon exploring the wonderful world of Youtube, our master Martin discovered what may be the most amazing song ever. This is a song by someone (or maybe a group?) called Bombadil. This gave me the ultimate chance to show you what we do here, at Cryofrog. This is how a true programmer programs:

It’s not only programming we do. We live a life of intrigue, of excitement. But with every monopoly in the timer industry comes hatred, a world of fear and technical dissidence. Over at Cryotoad, not Cryofrog, there’s a spy called Rahul K., the ultimate spy from Hyderabad. You may have seen Mission Impossible at the theatres. That’s all mumbo jumbo hollywood bullshit. Rahul is the real thing, he spies on us, and it’s not fun. So at Cryofrog, we’re trying to recruit our own spy, Harry M., otherwise known as Hairball:

You can see Harry’s the real shit. So Rahul, you better watch out.


With that, I bid you fairwell, I say to you, watch out, because Bill Gates is retired, Steve Jobs is dead, but Martin is here.

Cryofrog Forever.