Dragonfruit with Fungus

Rating: 3/5 stars

This is a dragonfruit.

In my first review a couple weeks ago I looked at the slimcado, a horrible fruit from Florida that my sister later told me are meant for dieting, which would explain both the name and the horrible taste. I was a little worried that my second fruit would also end up tasting gross because it had fungus growing on it. As you may recall I had originally thought that some blue fungus was growing inside my slimcado. This time with the dragonfruit I’m pretty sure it was fungus and not the light on my toaster since I was careful not to cut it open near my toaster. I have fairly recently started up a health kick and probably should not have eaten the dragonfruit. Because I don’t want this unhealthiness to escalate I’ve decided from now on I’m only going to review fruits that are non-toxic. I’m actually regretting eating this fruit. It was not a very smart thing to do. Fortunately I only ate part of it.

Taking a picture with a smartphone is hard to do in the fruit and vegetable aisle at Hartman’s. I often have problems hitting the right spot on the touchscreen when the screen is facing away from me. I made a small collage of some of the attempts I made:

My sister said I should get a photographer. She was probably right.

Inside the dragonfruit is some weird white stuff with black things embedded in the white stuff. I assumed that was the part you eat so I ate it. I was expecting small compartments with the fruit in the small compartments, almost like an apartment building, but it was really just a continuous mass of the white stuff. The texture was unusual and I can’t think of another fruit to compare it to. The best way I can describe the texture is that it reminded me of a dried up lychee, but I’ve never had a dried up lychee.

Inside a fungal dragonfruit is more white stuff.

The taste was also a little unusual and is another thing I can’t describe, but it tasted a bit like a dried up lychee but with a fainter taste and less sweet. As for the size, the dragonfruit was much bigger than a dried up lychee. A dried up lychee is probably slightly smaller than a non-dried-up lychee.

While overall I slightly enjoyed the experience, there was nothing very exciting about the dragonfruit. And unfortunately a bit after I bought the dragonfruit I was husking some corn at the corn box and I poked myself in the belly-button. The poke was fairly gentle but belly-buttons are sensitive to things like that, and if a car had driven into me at that instant it might have forced the corn further into me causing it to kill me. For that reason when I do a final review of the Hartman’s fruit and vegetable aisle I’ll likely remove a star due to safety violations.

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