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Finding a Persimmons Fuyu with my Soul Mate

I was supposed to start up a new project at the IMHR on August 1st, so I got up early today and headed off to the lab. I paid the bus fare with cash because I only had a July bus pass. Little did I know–until I got to the lab–that today is July 30th, not August 1st. Not really having much to do, I decided to go to the pharmacy across the road. I found the coolest little gnome there, so I bought him and named him Seamus from Ireland.

The best way to get to know someone is to go on a journey with them–either physical or spiritual–and so that is what we did. We decided our journey together would be to go buy a Persimmons Fuyu at Hartman’s. We kept our friends Zack and Harry updated with text messages. Here’s our journey, as told through my smartphone:

Sent 12:24 pm: I bought a gnome!

Received from Harry at 12:27 pm: Where is that?
Sent 12:29 pm: It’s on a garden outside of westgate near the imhr where i bought him. His name is seamus
Received from Harry at 12:31 pm: Does ge measure rain too?
Sent 12:31 pm: Yeah

Sent 1:25 pm: This bird wants my gnome

Sent 1:35 pm: Gnomes ride for free on buses

Sent 1:39 pm: I gave him the window seat. We’re going shopping

Sent 1:43 pm: Seamus loves windows!

Received from Harry at 1:45 pm: What are you shopping for?
Sent 1:45 pm: Fruits
Received from Zack at 1:45 pm: Where are u going? Seamus looks like a bong
Sent 1:45 pm: Hartmans

Sent 1:47 pm: We stopped to help the hobo but he wasn’t around

Sent 1:51 pm: He came back. He told me gnomes are related to leprechauns

Sent 2:03 pm: Got a little delayed. Seamus had to pee and I want some coffee. We’ll be heading out soon

Sent 2:14 pm: We’re going on a wilderness tour! Look how happy Seamus is!

Sent 2:20 pm: It’s not as rainy in Canada as it is in Ireland

Sent 2:24 pm: Seamus made a new friend!

Sent 2:37 pm: We found what we were looking for! It’s a persimmons fuyu

Sent 3:11 pm: Finally made it home with our persimmons fuyus!

And finally, the most anti-climactic ending possible from Harry:

Received from Harry at 3:32 pm: They sortof look like tomatoes